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Ever thought ... 

"I could have done that a bit better if I'd ..."

"If I'd seen that I'd have ..."

"That was close..."

Don't wait until it becomes a problem ...

Get assessed, get trained, get safe!

Have the highlights of your day on dvd!


I truly believe that the only way to survive today’s traffic and road surface conditions, is through training, further training and in some cases re-training.

I am a Cardington Assessed Instructor, and have been for many years, I have also been a Senior Observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists and certificated by The Lancashire Ambulance Service for “First Biker on Scene”.

Until recently Advanced Riding has been unregulated. The Driving Standards Agency (the people who set the driving/ riding test) have developed a Register for Post Test Trainers.

All trainers on this register are subject to regular testing by the DSA, in order to keep the standard high.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme allows me to assess and issue certificates to riders. (Insurers subscribe to the scheme).

The Enhanced Rider Scheme.


The first step, you have already taken. The next step is to contact me, to assess your riding skills.

• If you have no significant areas of weakness, then I will give you a DSA Certificate of Competence– Enhanced Rider Bonus. You can then get an insurance discount from one of the many insurers who have signed up to support the scheme.

• If you do have areas that would benefit from further training, you would qualify for your certificate after successfully completing the recommended training.

By having your riding ability assessed, I can tailor a development programme to suit your needs.

Many of the leading motorcycle insurance companies have signed up to this scheme and are prepared to offer substantial discounts to riders who have shown they can ride to the ERS standard and have received a certificate.

The insurance brokers and direct insurers currently sponsoring the scheme are:
AA Insurance, Bennett’s Insurance, Bikesure, Carole Nash, Chandler Direct, CIA insurance, Devitt, Direct Choice Insurance, E Bike, Hastings Direct, MCE Insurance, Lexham, Motorcycle Direct, Norwich Union Direct, Express Insurance, Rampdale, Premium Choice and Swinton Insurance.

The scheme is supported by the following insurers: AXA, Chaucer Insurance, Equity Red Star, Groupama, Highway, KGM, Link, Zenith, NIG, Norwich Union and Royal & Sun Alliance. This list is continuing to grow.

Riding Assessment

The riding assessment will take over an hour on all types of road and traffic conditions.

Continuous assessment will take place when full a day is booked.

The banding is as following:

A - High Level of Riding Ability Demonstrated -   Low Risk

B - Good Level of Riding Ability Demonstrated - Low to Medium Risk

C - Satisfactory Level of Riding Ability Demonstrated - Medium Risk

D - Unsatisfactory Level of Riding Ability Demonstrated - High Risk 

 After the assessment, the certificate can be written and a copy of the assessment will be sent to the Driving Standards Agency for their records.

Bend Clinics

It's in this area that most bikers get great satisfaction when they get it right!

Let me show you the way to achieve this safely under control.

Positioning, limit points and counter steering, will be covered in depth

Surviving Traffic

Whether you commute or ride for fun, it's not only your riding but other road users that can put you in danger.

Let me show you how you can survive traffic whilst filtering and riding in town.